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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a watermark on my images?

Watermarks are present to protect against image misuse.  In order to provide you with images to use for composition and layout purposes before final design is approved, we offer 'comp' images for download, which will have a watermark on them.  To download a 'comp' image, click the Download Comp button below the image on the image preview page.

How do I download full/high resolution images without watermarks?

NOTE: Depending on your permissions level, you will either be able to download images immediately or have to request a license.  

Full Download Permissions Users: Download a single image by simply click on the Download Hi Res button below the image on the image preview page.  If you would like to download multiple images, create a Lightbox with the images you'd like and then click View Lightbox at the bottom of the page in the Lightbox and Download Tools box.  From there you will see all the images in your Lightbox and can download each by clicking on the Download Image icon button below each thumbnail.

Limited Permissions Users: Any image you would like to download must be added to a Lightbox.  The Lightbox and Download Tools box has everything you need to manage Lightboxes and request downloads. Create a new Lightbox by typing into the field that says "Enter a new Lightbox name and hit Go".  NOTE: each project requires its own Lightbox because the license will only apply to the images specified in that Lightbox. Add images by clicking the Add to Lightbox buttons on either the thumbnail results page or image preview page. When you are ready to download the images, click on Request Download/License in the Lightbox and Download Tools box.  Fill out the form completely and accurately and be sure to check the box agreeing to the terms before submitting.


Searching for Items

Keyword Search


Search Tips


  • * Try a search with multiple synonyms; for example, if you searched unsuccessfully on "chair", try typing "seat chair".
  • * Avoid plurals.  A search on "groups" might not produce as many results as "group".
  • * Searches will be weighted in such a manner that exact matches will appear higher in the results list than partial matches. If you don't get what you expect, try changing the order of your words.
  • * If your search doesn't find anything, try being less specific.  For instance, "skiing" might not find the image you are looking for, but "action" might.



Keyword Auto Fill - If you have trouble finding what you are looking for in either the Suggested Searches or by Keyword search, begin typing part of the search in the keyword box. Type slowly and it will provide related words. For instance, if you are looking for "zip line", type "zip" and it will show you the keyword "zip line".

Popular Searches - Popular searches are only a few of many possibilities. If you don't see what you're searching for, begin typing it in the keyword box above. Type slowly and it will provide related words.

By entering keyword(s), you may use one or more keywords to define a search using the words: and, or, not as separators.

To narrow a search - Use: and, not.
mountain and river - will provide items that contain both mountains and rivers.
mountain not river - will provide items that contain only mountains without rivers.

To expand a search - Use: or
mountain or river - will provide items that contain either mountains or rivers or both.

Using Filters in a Keyword Search:


Filter by Orientation - This will show items that are Horizontal, Vertical, Square, or Panoramic.

Filter by Photographer - This will show items provided by the photographer selected. If no keyword is entered, all items from the photographer will be shown.





Manage your lightboxes at the bottom of search result and image preview pages in the Lightbox and Download Tools section./p>

You can create personal lightboxes to store, download, and email items. You add items to a lightbox as you view a search result or a preview, and add the items that may fit your project.

Your lightboxes are kept for in indefinite period of time unless you delete them. You may have as many lightboxes as you wish, and each lightbox can have an unlimited number of items.

When you email a lightbox, the recipient doesn't have to be registered to view your lightbox.

To download images in a lightbox, use the Request Download/License button and complete the form.